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Wentzville School District


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Proposition E 2018 is a no-tax-increase bond issue that will appear on the April 3, 2018 ballot. It will require 57.14% to pass and would authorize the District to borrow up to $125M in funds by issuing bonds.

The borrowed funds would be used for the following:

We have space at our three middle schools as a result of the shift to K-6 at our elementary buildings. It successfully freed up much needed space at the middle schools without a tax increase, allowing the District time to pay down debt and increase its borrowing capacity for this ballot issue to address our continued growth. The Board has expressed they would like additional time before evaluating the effectiveness and longevity of K-6 elementary buildings. If the WSD keeps 6th grade at the elementary buildings, projections indicate the three middle schools have adequate space for the next 8-10 years.

For the time being, yes. The Board and administration never set a time frame on the shift to K-6, recognizing that it would need to be re-evaluated over time to determine what is best for students and the District.

Based on the demographic study, Holt and Timberland will be over capacity by 2019 and Liberty will be over capacity by 2021.The capacity of Holt is 1800 and they currently have 1730students; Liberty is 1700 with currently 1334 students; Timberland is 1800 with 1680students.

The need for a fourth high school is based not only on the projected growth, but students who are already here in the lower grades.This year's senior class (across all three high schools) has 1,087 students - the smallest grade level in the WSD. There are more than 1,200 students presently in grades 7, 8 and 9 and over 1,300 students in grades 3-6.

Here is the complete language that will appear on the April 3, 2018 ballot:


Shall the Board of Education of the Wentzville R-IV School District, St. Charles County, Missouri, borrow money in the amount of One hundred Twenty-five Million Dollars ($125,000,000) for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, renovating, repairing, expanding, improving, furnishing and equipping school sites, buildings and related facilities for school purposes in the District, including, but not limited to (1) constructing, furnishing and equipping a new high school and an elementary school and (2) improving certain of the District’s existing school buildings and related facilities for school purposes, and issue general obligation bonds for the payment thereof, resulting in an estimated increase in the debt service property tax levy of zero cents ($0.00) per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation? If this proposition is approved, the adjusted debt service levy of the Wentzville R-IV School District is estimated to remain unchanged from the current debt service levy of 93.04 cents ($0.9304) per one hundred dollars assessed valuation of real and personal property.The authorization of said bonds will authorize the levy and collection of an annual tax in addition to the other taxes provided for by law on all taxable tangible property in the District sufficient to pay the interest and principal of said bonds as they fall due.

Yes [ ] No [ ]

By voting yes, stakeholders are not voting for a tax increase. They are voting yes to give the WSD permission to issue bonds and borrow funds. Each year, the debt service tax rate is recalculated. If assessed values decrease, the tax rate can be increased to ensure that principal and interest payments can be made. The last sentence on the ballot serves simply as a reminder of that to voters and the District’s bond counsel advised that it be included.

The Wentzville School District is the fastest growing school district in the State of Missouri in the 21st century. Over the past 16 years, the District has averaged more than 600 new students each year. The WSD adds more students every year than are enrolled in an average elementary school in Missouri.

The District has hired an outside consultant to conduct a demographic study three times in the last ten years. The most recent study was completed by Business Information Services, LLC in January of 2017 and estimates the District could add between 5,000 to 6,700 more students in the next ten years. That means by 2027, Wentzville could be one of the largest school districts in the state.

According to the report, “Three statistical models project that Wentzville’s district enrollment will be between 21,581 and 23,180 by 2026-27. This is assuming an annual enrollment growth of between 3.5 percent and 4.5 percent. For the last 10 years, the growth rate has been 5.46 percent."

The District will continue to engage in regular, independent demographic studies in order to monitor projected growth and adequately plan for additional students without over expansion.

The District is working diligently with a realtor to identify a suitable piece of property for the new elementary school.

With all the new construction, shouldn’t there be enough revenue from additional taxpayers to cover the cost of new students?

The median value of a single family home in St. Charles County is $196,900 and the median property tax is $2,300. On average, about $1,800 of that property tax goes to the Wentzville School District. The WSD spends $9,956 per year to educate a student (which does not include construction costs), the lowest rate in St. Charles County. So a new subdivision with 100 homes worth $200,000 each would generate approximately $180,000 per year in tax revenue for the District. The recent demographic report states that on average, each new house in the WSD results in 0.78 new students. That means those same 100 houses would add an average of 78 new students and the District would spend over $775,000 per year to educate those additional students. The District does not have the authority to levy any kind of “impact tax” on home builders.

Local taxes make up the majority (57.3%) of district revenue, followed by 37.5% from the state and 3.7% from the federal government. The remaining 1.5% comes from St. Charles County. The majority of the assessed valuation in the district is residential property, and it makes up 66.8% of the total. Another 16.1% of the assessed valuation is commercial real estate, followed by personal property at 16.8%. The top five commercial properties in the WSD are: General Motors, THF Bear Creek (includes Target, Lowe’s Sam’s Club), Walmart (Wentzville), Lila, Inc. (Hawk Ridge retailers including Lowe’s and Walmart in Lake Saint Louis) and the Meadows of Lake Saint Louis, which all together make up 5.7% of the total assessed valuation in the District.

Holt has been operating with one gymnasium for some time. They have a “multi purpose” room that essentially serves as a wrestling room, but it does not have bleachers or room to hold games like the other two high schools. It also does not have air conditioning and is virtually unusable in the warmer months of the year and the ceilings are two low for multiple groups to use the space.

Pearce Hall is home to the District’s alternative programsthat include: High School Alternative Program, Substance Abuse Intervention Program, Middle School Intervention Program, Missouri Options and Annabranch. Each of these programs serves students who have struggled in the traditional school setting. The staff at Pearce Hall have been recognized at a national level for their work addressing the needs of students who are at risk of falling through the cracks. They are trained to recognize the lasting physical and emotional effects of neglect, abuse and dysfunction so they can he lp students understand those effects in order to move forward and be successful. Pearce Hall employs a number of therapeutic strategies in conjunction with traditional academics to help students that include music, poetry, yoga and boxing. Teachers and counselors have also been piloting a partnership with HOME WORKS for the first time this year, the program designed to strengthen the relationship between school and home to ultimately benefit our students. There are more students who would benefit from these programs but there is currently not enough space at Pearce Hall to meet the needs of every student identified as a good candidate for the intervention programs. Additional space at Pearce Hall would result in additional students benefitting from these innovative programs.

The District is moving ahead with plans to address HVAC issues at a number of the District’s older schools, including Heritage, Wentzville Middle, Holt and South Middle. These plans have been in the works for some time and will proceed regardless of the outcome of the April election.

If you are not currently registered or if you have moved since the last time you voted or changed your name (i.e., marriage or divorce), please request a voter registration card. Voter registration cards can be obtained from any public school, library, city hall, state offices, or the Election Authority. In order to vote in the April 3, 2018 election, you must be registered to vote by March 7, 2018.

For more information or downloadable forms, visit the Emerica Mens Wino Fusion Skate Shoe Black/White/White RCkUC4XbK
or the adidas Neo Vs Jog AW3885 Trainers roajkv
. You may also contact the St. Charles County Election Authority at 636-949-7550.

Registered Missourians who expect to be prevented from going to their polling place on Election Day may vote absentee beginning six weeks prior to an election. Options include voting by mail or in person. For additional details about absentee voting, visit the St. Charles County website .

Construction of a new, comprehensive high school
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Camperdown District Auxiliary

Ritchies Supa IGA Camperdown Supermarket and Liquor store and the district's hospital auxiliary

Ritchies Community Benefit Program helping the local community! Ritchies Supa IGA Camperdown Supermarket and Liquor store and the district's hospital auxiliary have joined forces to end a $150,000 appeal.

The pair has donated a staggering $30,000 to give the green light for the Camperdown Hospital's Midwifery Unit redevelopment. Pictured celebrating the end of the Appeal with campus manager Ruth Mitchell (left) are the donors responsible for the final $30,000: Camperdown Ritchies Supa IGA manager David Schmidt (holding the cheque) and Camperdown District Auxiliary members, Vanessa Wilson-Browne, Lou Ebbelaar, Harold Hanlon and Matthew Clarke.

Should you want more information on the appeal, please go to the hospital website: VeloToze Short Cycling Overshoes Green vpaaCBY
and you'll see a story called 'BIG hearted donors'. Ritchies donations to the Camperdown Hospital are an ongoing process well into the future. If you would like to help raise even more funds for your local hospital, you can nominate them to receive a donation of 1% of the money you spend at Ritchies at no extra cost to you.

Their CB number: 93984.


Camperdown Public Library , situated in Camperdown, a country town in the Western district of Victoria, is a recipient of small donations via Ritchies Community Benefit Card. Maureen Adeney is the Librarian at Camperdown Public Library and she wanted to show off all the books that she has been able to purchase with the funds that they have received to date – over $1,200.00. She would also love it if more customers nominated the library!

Maureen Adeney, Librarian, Camperdown Public Library.


“Thanks to the Ritchies IGA Community Benefits Program, the Camperdown Community is $13,000 closer to reaching their goal of raising enough money to build a new sports stadium.

Our aim is to raise $500,000 and to date our very generous community has contributed $470,000. Through the Ritchies Community Benefits Program we are currently receiving approximately $1,000 per month, this amount is ongoing and once our stadium is complete this monthly donation will help with our running costs.

In just 12 months Ritchies have donated over $13,000 to our appeal, I urge all communities to register NOW at their local Ritchies IGA and help their nominated organisations with their fundraising.

It is my belief that too many customers do not have or use a Community Benefits card because they think it actually adds to their grocery bill. This is not the case. Whether you choose to use a Community Benefits card or not will not affect your grocery bill, the only loser if you don’t is your local community.

Just think if 100% of customers used a Community benefits card instead of just 50 %, then our Stadium Appeal could have already banked over $26,000. On behalf of our Stadium Appeal Committee and the Camperdown Community, thankyou to Ritchies IGA and thankyou to all those loyal customers who have helped our appeal by simply producing their card with every purchase.”

You can make a difference just by shopping at Ritchies Supa IGA!

The Cancer Council is the leading cancer charity in New South Wales. It is a non-government cancer control organisation, which focuses on actions to reduce the impact of cancer on people including: reducing cancer risk and incidence; improving early detection and treatment; and improving care and support for people affected by cancer.

Each year one in two people are being diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. This means in NSW alone, approximately 33,000 people are diagnosed with cancer and around 12,600 will die as a result.

Due to these shocking facts, our mission is to defeat cancer through community engagement. Our work is primarily funded by the community and so every cent counts to ensure cancer is defeated!

The funds you raise will assist The Cancer Council fund vital research into cancer treatment and prevention. It will also help us to provide essential support services such as the Cancer Council Helpline and Cancer Council Connect, for those people affected by the day-to-day challenges of living with the disease.

If you would like to help us on our mission to defeat cancer then please ensure The Cancer Council NSW is your chosen charity to be the recipient of donations through Ritchies Community Benefit Program.

Our CB number is 90688.


Penny Sayer, Community Benefit Promotions Officer, Professor David Hill, Director, Cancer Council Victoria, Judy Rebecca, Community Benefit Program Manager, and Peter Griffin, President, Cancer Council Victoria exchanging plaques to mark over $1.4 million donated to the Cancer Council Victoria.

The Cancer Council established the “Ritchies' Customers Community Research Award” in 1995. Every donation made through Ritchies' Community Benefit Card program is contributing directly to cancer research.

Please just make the changes to the following paragraph: The “Ritchies' Customers Community Research Award” has benefited research into genetic links in cancer; research in the area of colon cancer and rhabdomyosarcoma, a skeletal muscle tumour that is relatively common in childhood; and currently, research into skin cancer – melanoma. Donations around $10,000 a month have resulted in a total well over by end November 2009

Professor David Hill, AM, Director, The Cancer Council Victoria

$1.4 million dollars
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